Olmsted Transportation has opportunities available for anyone with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Current openings include flexible options that can work with a multitude of schedules. Most commonly, regional drivers stay between BC, WA and OR on the I-5 corridor, and will typically spend a couple nights out per week. At times, we also have openings for “local drivers”, in this position, drivers stay within 100 miles of base, and are home every night. Lastly, we also have an opening for a Car-Hauler semi & trailer, but require moderate experience in the field of car hauling. Regardless of position drivers are always home by Friday for the weekend, and major holidays are never worked.

Olmsted Transportation offers a very competitive compensation package to drivers. We feel providing a fair, and transparent benefits package, has aided in the longevity of employment for the vast majority of our drivers.

  • 25% of base load revenue
  • Performance bonus up to 5% additional load pay
  • 75% of employee’s medical insurance cost
  • Offer a range of additional benefits including Dental, Vision, Life and Voluntary benefits.
  • Up to 3 weeks paid vacation
  • Paid time off for sick leave/ holidays

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